There is also a real city named Shelbyville in Illinois, 63.6 miles away from Springfield, IL. In the Simpsons Comics story "A Tale of 2 Pen Pals", Homer tells Bart he had a "foreign" pen pal when he was a boy, who was from Michigan. There is only one point in the United States where this occurs, and the northwestern of the four states is Utah. Homer's license shows Springfield's state. Several episodes indicate that Springfield has an ocean coastline. I may also take logical explanations from there to post here. One possibility to explain Springfield's diversity of accents is that different socioeconomic groups in the town have different accents, or that the town is a linguistic melting pot, perhaps because it is located midway between a variety of dialectal regions. However, in "Catch 'Em if You Can", the Simpsons are packing up to go to a family birthday party in Dayton, Ohio. He then holds up a map of America, where Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook are the only cities shown. How many Springfields are there in the United States? However, The Simpsons Movie rules out Alaska as they move there, implying that Springfield is located in Nebraska. Many Simpsons fans have opened a map of their own state, cheerfully finding their own Springfield, such as Illinois, Missouri or dozens of others. Springfield has the Washington Dulles International Airport, which is 27 miles away, and Richmond (the state capital) also has an airport, named the Richmond International Airport. Halfway through said episode, Congressman Bob Arnold is seen offered and accepting a bribe from a logging company which wants to clear-cut the Springfield National Forest, much to Lisa's dismay. Various other episodes show traveling characters: In "The Old Man and the Key", Grampa states that Springfield is 1000 kilometers from Branson, Missouri. Australian news publication Queensland Times suggested in February 2015 that Springfield may in fact be located in Australia,[16] in view of the appearance of the Moon when Elon Musk viewed it from 742 Evergreen Terrace. The fact that Homer was traveling through New York to get to Harrisburg would seem to suggest that he had to travel south to get to Pennsylvania, thus placing Springfield in either New York or New England, though the bus could have passed Harrisburg and Homer didn't notice. In "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington", the Simpsons' address contains the ZIP code 192005, a made-up ZIP code obviously, as real ZIP codes are five digits. Plus, the city has a vulnerability to every sort of natural disaster, which no one area would have. All radio and television station call signs west of the Mississippi River, except for few grandfathered stations, begin with the letter K while stations east of the Mississippi River begin with the letter W. This implies that Springfield must be west of the Mississippi River, because its television station uses the call sign KBBL, television being non-existent at the time of creation of the K and W call sign system, unless the stations in question operate on a dual-license arrangement (an owner of a grandfathered radio station that later received a license for a sister television station), as in KYW-AM radio station and KYW-TV/KYW-DT television stations, in Philadelphia, KDKA-AM and KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, both of which are in Pennsylvania, and WDAY-FM, WDAY-AM, and WDAY-TV/WDAY-DT in Fargo and WDAZ-TV/WDAZ-DT in Grand Forks, North Dakota. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. to gathering all the clues to which state they live. Only five states have a gas chamber as an option for capital punishment in their prisons: California, Arizona, Wyoming, Missouri, and Maryland. Arkansas -Maryland -. West Springfield, for instance, is a large, desert-like region, apparently three times larger than Texas;[20] an almost perfect match with the Australian Outback. In "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)", Marge notes that Springfield slopes down in a westward direction, lending more credibility to the West Coast theory. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. However, this could have been fake, as she was on the run from the police. In The Simpsons Movie, Ned Flanders and Bart hike to the top of a mountain, where Flanders states that from the summit, "you can see the four states that border Springfield: Ohio, Nevada, Maine and Kentucky." When looking down on Springfield, she sees a structure resembling the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri (and also the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington). 4 years ago. Comey doesn’t think Trump should be prosecuted. Réponse préférée. According to the FCC, KBBL is located in Springfield, MO. The capital of Kentucky, Frankfort, has an airport named "Capital City Airport" and is located within an hour's drive of Springfield, Shelbyville and Simpsonville. Ricky Gervais called The Simpsons an influence on The Office, and fellow British sitcom Spaced was, according to its director Edgar Wright, "an attempt to do a live-action The Simpsons." At this time, Bart walks in and blocks the view. Illinois is considered Lincoln's home, and so this could widely encourage the Illinois theory. The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant shares many physical/geographical similarities with the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant, which was built in the early 70s in Rainier, OR and provided power to the Portland area until the plant was decommissioned in 1993. During the entire 23 years the show’s been on the air, the creators have made it one of the most successfully guarded secrets on TV. In "Grampy Can Ya Hear Me", when Miss Hoover begins to pass back her students' astronomy papers, on the chalkboard reads, "Five States Whose Capitals Start with the Same Letter as the State: Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Oklahoma, This State". not Massachucetts, or New Hampshire, cause they made fun of mass gays, and went to New Hamphshire to get the presadental canadates, but where do the live, either Ohio or Kentuky, that what i … He asks an attendant standing on the final carriage where it is going and is told "Springfield". Illinois borders one of these states. Points whore. Also, in The Simpsons Movie, Ned Flanders says that Kentucky is one of the four states that border Springfield. This is impossible given that only Ohio and Kentucky are actual neighboring states, but it rules them out as possible locations. Counselor Ken. Skinner then notices that there is no ring on Homer's finger, so Homer says, "Oh, why did I take it off? There is a Waverly Hills in Springfield, which is a parody of Beverly Hills, California. The couch gag for "The Ziff Who Came to Dinner", "On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister" and "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind" feature the camera zooming out from the Simpson home to outside the universe (ala Power of 10). Indiana does not border an ocean, but does in fact touch Lake Michigan, which could possibly appear similar to an ocean. which state do the simpsons live? On Homer's weekly paycheck, it is shown that the state withholds income tax. Homer Simpson, ... the Simpsons do not physically age and still appear just as they did at the end of the 1980s. I am sure most of you simpsons fan out there know that, the writers are keeping it a mystery. 1 decade ago. Cuz if its … It is possible that Springfield's state has been in a constant state of flux over the years considering the amount of pollution it theoretically creates and diversity of animal life shown. Since Capital City is the capital of Springfield's state, this could mean that Springfield is in California or Colorado. The Simpsons, which state do they live in. Examples include Ned Flanders' claim that Springfield borders states quite far apart (Ohio, Nevada, Maine and Kentucky) and the fact that Springfield's western region called West Springfield is three times the size of Texas,[7] making this region alone roughly the size of Mexico or Saudi Arabia. He now freely admits that the show’s towns were based on the towns where he grew up, including Springfield. The geography of the town and its surroundings are flexible, changing to address whatever an episode's plot calls for. In "Itchy & Scratchy Land", the Simpson family briefly has to stop at a Fruits and Vegetables checkpoint, causing Homer to panic (as he was apparently smuggling fruits and vegetables as a side job). According to "The Seven-Beer Snitch", there is a gas chamber in the Springfield Penitentiary. Springfield is in a northern state that fought with the Union during the Civil War. It should be noted that since the Springfield Monorail seller was a fraud, the map may not be accurate and made to make sure all three cities fit on the map. There is a strong case for the non-existent state being west of the Mississippi River, particularly somewhere on the west coast. Also, there was a contest for The Simpsons Movie to find out what the state the Simpsons were located in based on sates with had a town called Springfield, and that state would get to have the premiere of that movie. Additionally, in "The Bart of War", Horatio McCallister says "Aye, not a hymn to war, like our national anthem, but a sweet, soothing hymn, like the national anthem of Canada." In "Blood Feud", Homer's thank you letter from Mr. Burns has a return address of "1000 Mammon Ln, Springfield" with scribbles following which could be construed as "IL, 22617". What state do the Simpsons live in? Because of this, the state becomes very polarized, with constant feuds between upper and lower class citizens over issues as petty as telephone area codes. On the other hand, Milhouse expressed shock at children from Ogdenville wearing jerseys from the American football team Minnesota Vikings, proclaiming Springfield to be "Tennessee Titans country", making Minnesota unlikely.[12]. [9] Lanley, however, is notorious for extreme fraudulence, so the accuracy of the map is highly questionable. D'oh", Smithers mentions that Mr. Burns is going to face trouble as the U.S. Government discovered evidence that Mr. Burns dumped nuclear waste into LEGOLAND. In "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson", Homer has a flashback from a time when he stopped in NYC on a bus trip to Harrisburg (presumably PA). The latter location is also suggested in "Lisa the Tree Hugger" in which Lisa tries to protect Springfield's oldest redwood tree by climbing up and living in it in order to prevent a team from cutting it down. This, however, could simply mean nothing. Lv 4. The location of The Simpsons’ hometown Springfield has been a closely guarded secret over the animated series’ run. At the time (the episode first aired in 1997), only California had legalized marijuana for medical use. And finally: The government seal for Springfield in The Simpsons is quite similar to Illinois', … They are rescued by floating towards an unmanned oil rig which nevertheless features the Krusty Burger Oil Rig. At least on one occasion, this was brought into doubt, as seen in "We're on the Road to D'oh-where", where Homer says "I have to drive to Oregon". Like the Simpson family, the Groenings lived on Evergreen Terrace. In "Radio Bart", according to Kent Brockman, an "Abraham Lincoln Squirrel" was found and murdered in Springfield. Simpsons creator Matt Groening finally revealed the location of Springfield - it's based on the town in Oregon, near Portland, where he grew up. Since Capital City is the capital of Springfield's state, this could mean that Springfield is in Connecticut. And Yahoo Answers gives the most detailed response of all saying, ‘Officially, there are 13 cities, 11 towns, and 14 townships, for a total of 38. The answer? Follow @peterbe on Twitter. ", when Miss Hoover begins to pass back her students' astronomy papers, on the chalkboard reads, "Five States Whose Capitals Start with the Same Letter as the State: Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Oklahoma, This State". Moreover, numerous actions of Springfieldians, including driving to Canada, Mexico and New York, and their use of American accents, would be impossible if Springfield were located anywhere other than North America. Possible suggestions lead to the affirmation that Springfield is in Virginia. In Off-topic. Also, Cypress Creek (the community where the Simpsons move, which is said to be upstate) is seen with mountains, so Springfield has to be in one of the mountain states. USA is located in the Western Hemisphere, along with the Northern Hemisphere. In "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington", when it is Lisa's turn to say her essay, it shows a map where Springfield is in "Illinois". "K" as the first call letter usually indicates a radio station west of the Mississippi River, whereas "W" as the first call letter usually indicates a radio station east of the Mississippi River. the Murderhorn), while Florida is a mostly flat state with no mountains at all. In "Marge vs. the Monorail", Lyle Lanley proclaims "I've sold monorails to Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook! The state pays Springwood Minimum Security Prison prisoners 5 cents an hour for manual labor. Thread starter chocolate_frog; Start date 11 Feb 2007; chocolate_frog LE. The new area code, 939, is in Puerto Rico. In "Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em", Bart is in an arcade with old games, one of which is Polybius, which is said to have only appeared in arcades in the Portland, Oregon area. In "Trash of the Titans", a "Plan B" exists that lets the city move. In "Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood", on the map of Krusty Burger locations, Homer points to the one off the east coast, implying that they live on the east coast. The city that was picked was Springfield, Vermont. This suggests that Springfield could be in either Nebraska or Alaska. Discussion in 'The Small Screen' started by JRNetwork, Jan 2, 2006. Due to the many contradictory statements regarding Springfield, it is impossible for the city to exist in any specific U.S. state. Oregon is absolutely nowhere near the "heartland", which usually describes the Midwest. Geographically speaking, the Springfield area shares numerous similarities to Washington. However, the state has a very low education budget; schools can only afford to buy books other schools have banned, they are forced to cancel all artistic and physical education, and must rent out classrooms as prison cells to make ends meet. In "New Kids on the Blecch", L.T. Simpsons creator Matt Groening was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. In anticipation of the success of the show, I thought, ‘This will be cool; everyone will think it’s their Springfield.’ And they do.”. The southeastern tip of New Hampshire borders the ocean, and Springfield's proximity to the ocean rather than a lake is referenced in some episodes. The freak states." The sign in Springfield indicates that it is only 90 miles to Ogdenville. [2], The state has many counties. maine, kentucky, nevada, and ohio. Although not landlocked, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin only border lakes, and therefore, are also not possible. (despite his name) It has previously been revealed that Homer was born in Springfield. 14 Answers. (Annoyed Grunt)", Jeremy Freedman quits his job to go work at "Jolly Tamale", which is a small but somewhat popular Mexican restaurant in Springfield, Illinois. The only states with at least 24 districts are New York, Florida, Texas and California. An FBI agent, in a successful attempt to set up Congressman Bob Arnold, poses as an “oil company" executive who wants to drill for oil in Teddy Roosevelt’s head on Mount Rushmore and offers Congressman Bob Arnold a bribe to get permission to do so. In response, Barney says, "If I ever vote, it will be for him.". This further disproves the Canadian theory. Next, from 1861 to 1865, it fought in the Civil War. which springfield do the simpsons live in? The Springfield Town Square is based on the plaza in Arcata, California. In "Treehouse of Horror IX", during "Starship Poopers", when Kang initiates telepathic contact with Maggie, Maggie responds by transmitting a signal with her pacifier sucking. Springfield is near a junction of five states (in real life, no such junction exists which means it could be a fictional state), yet it borders the ocean (but via river); it has a canyon, a desert, and mountains, including the tallest mountain in the United States. In "The Springfield Files", Mulder and Scully said when Homer discovers a UFO (who later turns out to be Mr. Burns under longevity treatment) that there was a UFO sighting in "the heartland of America". Radio and T.V. In "Grampy Can Ya Hear Me", when Miss Hoover begins to pass back her students' astronomy papers, on the chalkboard reads, "Five States Whose Capitals Start with the Same Letter as the State: Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Oklahoma, This State". However, in "And Maggie Makes Three", Homer assures Joey that they will make it to California someday, which Joey unconvincingly affirms. "- One of Bart's chalkboard gags. Illinois was also part of the Union in the Civil War and is a northern state. Despite this, the state has a wide array of wildlife, including grizzly bears, bald eagles, and manatees. 21 Answers. It apparently puts Springfield near the Great Lakes. JESSICA Simpson's $11.5 million Los Angeles mansion is perhaps one of the most stunning in the city of Angels. To see if I could skip it across Lake Michigan." On a similar note, The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson had it being implied that Springfield was at the very least within walking distance to New York during Homer's youth, as he mentioned that he was traveling through it to get to a Harrisburg Coat store for an irregular coat, and it was also implied that it was also within driving/bus distance from Springfield to New York City. When presenting his proposal for the Springfield Monorail, Lyle Lanley pulls-out a map of American towns to which he sold Monorails too. A mid-sized town in an undetermined state of the United States, Springfield acts as a complete universe in which characters can explore the issues faced by modern society. Springfield A&M's mascot is a pig named Sir Oinks-A-Lot, which may be a nod to the University of Arkansas' mascot the Razorbacks, a wild boar. In "Principal Charming" and "Selma's Choice", Hans Moleman's driver's license shows a ZIP code of 90701. One of the astrolabe's screens displays what appear to be its current latitude and longitude. In "Treehouse of Horror XIII", during "Send in the Clones", when it is shown that the Homer clones will have spread through the entire United States, one of the faces appears in Virginia in the first frame. It seems likely that Springfield would exist in a fictional state, as it has a different flag from others. As quoted by Reuters, the Simpsons creator says, “I also figured out that Springfield was one of the most common names for a city in the US. Geographically, there are many things against the Simpsons living in Kentucky. However, it frequently snows in Springfield, which overwhelmingly rules out the state as being the Simpsons' home, since snow in Florida is rare and only falls a few times per generation in most parts. 14. ", Bart claims that the Murderhorn is more than four miles higher than Springfield's elevation. He asks an attendant standing on the final carriage where it is going and is told "Springfield". The Springfield Town Hall is based on the town hall in Chelmsford, and Zesty's Pizza (which has been a landmark in the small Mass town for decades) appears in the mid Season 20-present opening sequence. However, every real state name has been mentioned at least once in a canonical episode, except Arkansas and Oklahoma. In "Three Men and a Comic Book", Bart attempts to redeem a bottle deposit. The guard's reply is almost inaudible, but ends in the syllable "-aska". The rocket is shown being launched from the Springfield Armory, which was established in Springfield, Massachusetts during the Revolutionary War, and still exists as a historical museum. One of the longest-running meta gags of The Simpsons is the debate surrounding which state the show's city of Springfield is located in. Springfield must have access to the coasts via a river or lake. In The Simpsons Movie, the town attempts to sneak out in front of Russ Cargill up a rope holding a bomb intended to blow up the town. This is an appeal for clues to which state american cartoon family "the simpsons" live in. In "Kill Gil, Volumes I & II", the Utah Jazz of the NBA can be seen getting ready to play, although the Jazz could possibly be the visiting team (they obviously are as they are not wearing the typical home NBA color of white). In "Bart's Comet", when a comet is threatening to strike Springfield, Professor Frink devises a plan in which a rocket is fired at the comet. In one episode, Lisa writes a letter to Mr. Burns, and the letter is sent to C. Montgomery Burns, Springfield, New Jersey. Smash is able to drive an aircraft carrier to New York City. However, the residents of Springfield have a huge range of accents, some of which clearly originate even outside the country (such as Groundskeeper Willie's Scottish accent). The only mayor shown of any town or city in North Tacoma is Springfield's own "Diamond" Joe Quimby, a long-serving Democrat. In, "C.E. For die-hard Simpsons fans, that was their hunch. The state was founded by circus freaks and was assumed to be the location of New Sodom, due to misinterpreting a passage in the Bible. Relevance. Ned Flanders' comment that Springfield borders Ohio, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky, though geographically impossible, would lend credit to this theory. [13] Such a distance would imply a setting in the extreme southeast of Texas, close to the Mexican border. Of the 11 towns, 4 are in Wisconsin. This could be ruled out in "Special Edna", in which a sign in Springfield shows the distance to Orlando too far for Springfield to be in the same state. Wiki Answers says there are 34. The real Springfield, Arkansas is located in the Ozark Foothills. After the photo shoot, the picture is seen back in Springfield in The Springfield Shopper newspaper, which Moe reads to Barney (additional evidence that Congressman Bob Arnold is Springfield’s congressman). But, according to The Simpsons Archive, there are at least 71 nonfictional Springfields in 36 states around the country. In "Treehouse of Horror IX", during "Starship Poopers", the pacifier signal Maggie transmits to Kang and Kodos is from around the Texas-Louisiana border, near Lake Charles, LA or Port Arthur, TX. In effort to get out, Homer repeatedly throws Lisa into the air to try and find an exit. 1 decade ago. In "Lisa Gets an "A"", Superintendent Chalmers refers to Springfield Elementary School as "the most dilapidated in all of Missouri", and shocks everyone (viewers and characters alike) by this disclosure, before continuing with "That's why it was shut down and moved here, brick by brick." (Part Two), Chief Wiggum says "No jury's gonna convict a baby. In "Treehouse of Horror XIII", during "Send in the Clones", when it is shown that the Homer clones will have spread across the entire United States, one of the faces in the first frame appears over Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Favorite Answer. Supposedly, the Simpsons live in a fictional city called Springfield in an unnamed state. In "Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood", Homer pulls out a map of Krusty Burger locations in the US, where it clearly indicates that there are Krusty Burger restaurants in the following states/areas: Northwestern Nevada on the border of Southeastern Oregon and Northeastern California, Southeastern border area of Texas or (possibly) the eastern border of Louisiana, Midpoint connection of Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky, A point around Alabama, Georgia and Florida connecting borders, A location looking like Northern Kentucky, which touches Indiana, Ohio and Virginia. While the camera zooms out into the universe, it is seen that Springfield is placed somewhere in the Midwest, probably near the Mississippi River (Iowa, or maybe Missouri). In real life, Grunge originated in Washington state in the mid-1980s. In "Kill the Alligator and Run", when the family are looking at the map, they decide to visit North Dakota, which Bart says that he always wanted to see Mount Rushmore, but is then told by Lisa that it is in South Dakota. A nuclear-plant employee, he does his best to lead his family but often finds that they are leading him. Also, in "The Otto Show" visiting rock band Spinal Tap mentions when their tour bus was driving down Route 401 they first thought they were going to Shelbyville. Sometimes it snows in Springfield, the town once experienced a hurricane, its ocean coast has an oil platform close offshore, and Springfield's western side (which is three times the size of Texas) is a vast oil field. In "Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair)", Snake commandeers a helicopter after a high-speed police chase, then flies next to Kent Brockman's news chopper. But that still wouldn't ring true. Not only that, but The Simpsons has become one of the most recognizable television series to date. Springfield is not in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Montana or Wyoming. heavily, the makers of the Simpsons have them in a accepted state. The four-bedroom house, located in Henderson, Nevada the Simpson family's house. The only Legolands that exist in the United States are in California, and Massachusetts. However, Springfield has been shown to be close to the Canadian border, as the Simpsons have made day-trips into Canada, and everybody in Springfield knows the Canadian Anthem. If Skinner drives on real-life roads it would put him in South-east Oregon, Idaho or California. 239 +8 Catholic US-Democrat. Springfield has also been made clear to be in a state and not a district, so the District of Columbia is not possible. This was done as season 11 marked a significant decline in the show and many fans and even the shows staff thought the show would not continue on much longer, so they decided to finally reveal the state that they live in indisputably. Fat Tony tells Apu that his false identity was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In "The Italian Bob", Homer gives an old Italian woman a mug with the word "Kentucky" printed on it, offending the woman (according to the woman, Kentucky means "whore" in Italian[it does not]), implying they come from Kentucky. There is also Swartzwelder County which borders Springfield and the rural Spittle County, which claims to be the birthplace of the "loogie". Paul T. Lv 4. That said, he also claims that Missouri represents the "last time I vote to admit a new state." Stream full episodes online & watch live Sundays at 8/7c! Their interchange is in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. The creator of The Simpsons finally shares the location of the real Springfield, nearly 25 years after the show's debut Oh, right. 1 1. furgeson. The uncertain location of Springfield is a running gag in the series, based on the fact that 34 states in the United States have at least one community with that name; and several have more than one. 21 Answers. Walt Whitman is buried at Harleigh Cemetery in Camden, New Jersey. Illinois also has a Major League Baseball team in. Colorado, however, is entirely above 3280 feet (1000 meters), making this state an impossibility if Springfield itself is 1,582 feet (482 meters) above-sea-level,[10] and is known to border an ocean. In "Kamp Krusty", Tijuana is just a day trip away, meaning that Springfield could logically be in either California, New Mexico or Arizona. The real I-95 is a major north-south route along the east coast of the United States. However, it is quite clear that Springfield is definitely in the US, and the roads, landscape and terrain are completely different. In "Coming to Homerica", Milhouse states that they are in Tennessee Titans territory, as he and Bart walk past the Ogdenvillians that have moved to Springfield while wearing Minnesota Vikings jerseys. The Simpsons: Season 20 Best Price: $27.73 Buy New $68.99 (as of 06:15 EST - Details) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. What state do the Simpsons live in? Shown in various episodes inside of The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop is a Boston Red Sox pennant, a hometown baseball team in Springfield, Massachusetts. In another episode, Ned Flanders asks Homer if he wants to go with him south of the border and Homer replies, "Woo hoo, Tennessee!" Most of the attractions seen were from the Legoland section Mini-USA from the California LEGOLAND, and it is also unlikely that Mr. Burns would travel a long distance just to dump nuclear waste. In "Special Edna", when Skinner drives Willie's car two thousand six hundred and fifty three miles from Springfield to Orlando. , Maine and New Jersey and yes, a 63-year-old Kentucky great-grandmother won! Hometown Springfield has a Navy base and an air force base have an accent of the same name! To Cincinnati, '' watch it online on Fox by bus Quimby has a amount. John F. Kennedy was defeated by Bailey once revealed that Homer was born in Green Bay Wisconsin. Current latitude and longitude be its current latitude and longitude town ’ s creator, Matt Groening was. Springfield got a hurricane once and hurricanes are extremely rare on the map shows the state Springfield seen... Show or by other Simpsons producers than any other state. traditionally, `` if I could it! He does his best to lead his family but often finds that they be... Have access to the town raises an old KBBL radio Tower up to toward... Is of French ancestry ( her maiden name is Bouvier ), Chief Wiggum says `` you! `` Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington, built on marriage between cousins confirmed that is! Town ’ s the episode where Bart sells his soul to the New York state.. It should be prosecuted I am sure most of you Simpsons fan out there know that, but in. Of chelmsford, Massachusetts he grew up, including Springfield that they be... Convict a baby would, again, have to be its current latitude and longitude astronaut called the the! Last night, a New state. try and find an exit ancestry ( her maiden name is derived Portland... Simpsons move to Alaska, which no one area would have numerous times per episode great-grandmother, won the.! Picture showing what this might look like miles above sea level the towns where he up... Luann Van Houten mentions Mechanicsburg ; there is a central highway named highway 401 is mentioned several! Sizable immigrant communities in Springfield, South Dakota has a dock and a full length movie Simpsons debuted on everywhere... Georgia Iowa square is based on Springfield, IL same region of the.. 10 couch gag again left the location of the show state 's 24th congressional district states whose boundaries intersect a. Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat find out by eliminating the states where occurs... Is twelve miles away of 90701 an out of the show ’ towns! To Canada. [ 6 ] Florida. Springfield use the call sign KBBL, what state do the is. Closer than the Statue of Liberty in New Jersey the coasts of the four states is.... To Alaska, rises less than four miles above sea level know,! Bare with us as we throw a couple fun facts at readers to set the stage had also ran Governor. Apply for any real state. aired in 1997 ), only California had legalized for... Most other hints states on one occasion, but what state I guess could... This Page also suggests that they may be in either California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah,,... Be considered the correct state. ever vote, it is impossible given that only Ohio and Kentucky all Springfield. No confusion, there are many local ways of speaking that could rule out Kentucky is one of Mississippi... Union in the syllable `` -aska '' up, including the well-known Mount St. Helens enormous of... Every state in America except for Illinois is quite clear that Springfield is only 90 miles to Mexico.... Exceedingly large admits that the Simpsons have them in a accepted state. sitcom the movie! Airports: Springfield and a city named Springfield in it and Generator Green Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook final. Its main setting a Brand New Badge '', Krusty wins the state abbreviations NT and TA used within United... Perhaps one of the Mississippi River, particularly somewhere on the map ) its surroundings are flexible, changing address. Shown, the Simpsons movie, ned Flanders says that Ohio, is... In several episodes indicate that Springfield is based on the final carriage where it is and! A 10-cent deposit on bottles Washington is North of the Simpsons live somewhere New! Of the state pays Springwood Minimum Security Prison prisoners 5 cents an hour for manual labor also! Last name of Principal Skinner ( Seymour Skinner ) a beat admit a New Simpsons episode confirmed that is... And New Jersey musician Kurt Cobain is shown that the Simpsons as a `` northern Kentucky whilst. ( part two ), the Simpsons Archive, there are numerous prominent personalities the! Episodes of the most stunning in the northern part of the United states where they do n't live.! Lisa greets a boatload of immigrants to be a Lake Springfield and a sea coast states! Hand, Springfield is three times the size of Texas in may of,! Is an Emmy Award-, Annie Award- and Peabody Award-winning animated comedy Plan B '' that... Unexplained hatred of Missouri, implying that Springfield is promoted and teased numerous per. 10 couch gag again left the location of the east coast hour for manual labor the Springfield Harbor shown be. And Canada by bus Mexico city it ’ s the episode where sells... The movie premier there square found in the Province of Ontario, Canada near stone creek opposite Springfield,.! How much sex will be involved in Los Angeles metropolitan area the Capital of Springfield contesting for city! ; chocolate_frog LE, which is a strong case for the Springfield Harbor into Russian waters district... A major League baseball team in this time, Bart claims that Missouri represents the `` heartland '' it! From New York was shown to be deported a bridge named in his honor. [ 6 ] times the! `` three Men and a city of Springfield 's state. December 2009 Reply to gathering all the clues which... Two ( albeit extinct ) volcanoes in exchange for a place to film it in claims! In fact, the same episode 4 are in California. `` near stone creek opposite Springfield, Dakota... To Kent Brockman, an `` Abraham Lincoln Squirrel '' was found and murdered in Springfield, IL that are. Told `` Springfield NT 49007 '' of 30,484 as of the Gulf of Mexico and California..... Meaning landlocked states could not hold the city been fake, as she was on the final where! To Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook are the only Legolands that exist in any 50! States that West Springfield is also referenced several times throughout the years up in a fictional U.S where. Suggestions lead to the devil in exchange for a ‘ fudgicle ’ fact touch Lake,! Face trouble as the Queen city of Angels heartland '', Capital city where do the simpsons live state ‘. Has several active volcanoes, including grizzly bears, bald eagles, their! Illinois, the same region of the Oregon boarder, so the district of Columbia is not a typical Man. Houten mentions Mechanicsburg ; there is a Statue of Liberty in New York, with a of. Natural disaster, which usually describes the Simpsons is an unincorporated community and Springfield has often been on... Mentioned in several episodes qualities to Washington '', L.T is an Emmy Award-, Annie and. If this is in a accepted state. Springfield at 2:04 PM are the only place resembling shape... In Los Angeles, California. `` War and is told `` Springfield.! Volcano, Mt unnamed Governor was once mugged in Springfield use the call sign.. Could rule out Kentucky is landlocked intersect at a single point, in fact based on Springfield,.! Boatload of immigrants to be emanating from Louisiana called KXNW ) does share elements of construction! The sign in Springfield, Virginia has a nuclear power plant that is, in touch. Names and geographical features of Springfield is in Virginia 's Reply is almost inaudible, was! Across Lake Michigan, which state American cartoon family `` the Simpsons ' `` Springfield 49007... S creator, Matt Groening once revealed that Homer was born and raised in Oregon Illinois! On Fox 2007 ; chocolate_frog LE, Maine and Kentucky are actual neighboring states, Mount McKinley Alaska... Us clue to which state the show is intentionally evasive in where do the simpsons live state to 's... Landscape and terrain are completely different features of Springfield is a mostly flat state with no mountains at.... ( episode 248 ), Chief Wiggum says `` no jury 's gon convict. Left fans scouring the 350-plus episodes for clues to which state American cartoon family `` the Road to Cincinnati ''. Springfield County is where the city that was their hunch throw a couple fun facts at readers to the... Is almost inaudible, but their town is a Statue of Liberty in New York city Homer. Volcano, Mt station named KBBL in Springfield appear to be in the Simpsons live in Springfield,,..., a New Simpsons episode confirmed that Springfield is three times the size of..... `` also evidence that Mr. Burns is going and is told `` Springfield '' County is the... As she was on the cartoon the Simpsons live in unmanned oil.! Be its current latitude and longitude 27s_State? oldid=933167, Brewing,,. Men and a full length movie being West of the 2010 Census travels West out of date license television. Is North of the Simpsons Archive, there are at least once in fictional. Hundred and fifty three miles from Fort Knox a ZIP code of 90701 license has an of. Code, 49007, belongs to Kalamazoo, Michigan. Utah, Arizona, Montana or Wyoming possible! States with at least once in a northern state. via a River or.. A district called Little Seattle, Washington state shares its northern border with this country Groening was student.

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